A Wholesome Brand of Degeneracy

How do you feel about mixing mac and cheese with Tang?

Did you know there’s “people” out there that put pickles on pizza? Were you aware that a person could be obsessed with canned beans?  Did you really just click the “Learn More” button on the front page of a WoW guild website?  Friend, we may have a place for you.

I can’t believe you’re still reading this.  Why do we even have this page? It’s really quite simple.  We play World of Warcraft and have a good time. Come and be a part of that.





Ranging from a two-night MYTHIC raid team with multiple CE achievements to a relaxed, one night AOTC group, our teams can be a home to anyone wanting to raid in WoW. Come enjoy access to:

– Log Reviews and Guide Resources
Organized Raid Planning
– Helpful Raiders with CE Experience


Mythic+ and PvP

Do you like to sweat for 3k+ io?  Is there no greater victory for you than playing an fotm class to glad?  With over 100+ active members, we have folks that feel the same way:

Cross Faction Group-Finder in Discord
Frequent Mythic+ groups at all key levels
Weekly casual RBG team

Community Events

Have you ever seen two Winstons duel to the death?  Have you ever played checkers while high? We didn’t even think those were things that happened…until they did at our regular:

Game Nights (JackBox, Gartic Phone, etc)
Movie Nights
– Community Contests (in-game and IRL)