About Us

Rally is a tight-knit guild of friends who enjoy playing together. We have a robust social environment of which we are very proud. Rally was created to provide a place where people could log in and play with people they truly liked at any time- not just tolerating each other for a raid. We are an adult-aged group and most of us have careers, children, spouses, etc. that demand our time outside of the game. Due to these real-life obligations, we have designed a guild infrastructure that can accommodate any player’s goals with the only basic requirement for membership being that members are great people.

We are drama free, organized, and successful at what we do and our members are some of the most amazing people on Earth. We are truly a family and a community of people that have become close friends over the years and work hard to strengthen our teams. We have members who are brand new to the game, returning to the game, and longtime veterans of the game. We have members who don’t even play the game anymore but stick around Discord to remain part of the community.

You will not find a more fun, welcoming, hilarious group of people than you will find here in Rally.

If you’re interested in joining Rally, please take a look around the site, visit our streamers and Discord server as well as WoWProgress and Warcraft Logs pages for more information. Once you feel you understand who we are and how we do things, please feel free to APPLY HERE

While Rally is not a strict raiding guild, we are a community of players who do like to raid. As such, we look to recruit people who to fill those raid openings that also meet our social and community expectations.

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