This Month in Rally: June


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Watch the Feet (WTF

WTF had its last raid under its Castle Nathria name. They ran the first three in Mythic for fun with some alts. Closed out the Tier with some drinking games and banter!
WTF finished 8/10 Mythic, and will go into Sanctum of Domination as Osmer’s Obnoxious Friends (OOF).

One of many gifs from game night

Potato Trading Co (PTC) 

PTC was able to celebrate their final night in Nathria with a kill on Mythic Council of Blood, securing 7/10M on the tier. We also celebrate Nov and Lennather for serving on the council and for all the hard work they did for the team. PTC will go into Sanctum of Domination as Maw’s Spaghetti (MS).

Council Kill Clips

PTC M Council

Tuesday Night Tendies (TNT) 
TNT celebrated their post-AOTC nights with some casual reclears and fun shenanigans including achievement runs, and will go into Sanctum of Domination as Beefy Pulls (BP).

Community Events

Rally Hellfire Raider Achievement Night

Rally achieved the Glory of the Hellfire Raider and got some neon green wolves to prove it! Thank you all who came out for the shenanigans!

Community Media