This Month in Rally – April

Raid Progression


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Blue for Bleft (BFB) 

Big party at the BFB house as the team killed SLG this month. As is tradition, the kill happened in a fantastically memey way with a scuffed roster. Highlights included Pam getting the kill in 10 pulls on his monk after progging the whole fight with his DH. Bly returned in heroic fashion to fill in a gap and sniped a kill. Maybe we should have all just taken a break for a couple months…The team also added a couple new folks (Numb and Boodles). Sire prog has been steady since the SLG kill and we are eyeing a May CE kill. O lawd please.

BFB M SLG Kill Video 


Watch the Feet (WTF) 

WTF got down and dirty this month and ended up snagging a Sludgefist kill to continue their solid prog pace. Now that the team has been freed up from its chains, the members are looking forward to seeing the next fresh hell boss in the line up, SLG. This team parties and hypes up raid hard with some sweet sweet jams every day. Huk the madlad has also added his streaming talents to the fold to team up with Byill in Rally’s Tue/Thr team streams. The dude has a hat with his name on it, the fuck else you want? As prog continues, so does the list of powerful team names for next tier, and we all know that’s the real reason any of us raid. Oh and Wes has been drafted for the council now…sorry gratz dude! Oh and then Skippy felt bad and decided to also volunteer for increased responsibilities :).

WTF M Sludgefist

Potato Trading Co (PTC) 

Guess what…these guys still suck at taking screenshots. Good thing they’re slappers and still killed Darkvein despite that. I mean, just look at that screenshot resolution. It’s like they’re in the TBC classic beta. Hot damn. Over the course of the month, the ‘taters stuck to their reclear guns and beefed up their weekly vaults. Along those same lines, they geared up their future Guardian tank as Nonie sniped an Ala’r trinket from Jake. Hah, get rekt idiot! They’re workin’ on slappin’ M Council this coming month.

Kill the Idiot

PTC M Darkvein
Hah damn that sucks

Tuesday Night Tendies (TNT) 

Look at these absolute huge dick broskis. They finally put this hard ass tier in the rearview as the killed Heroic Sire for AOTC. On top of that, they’re slappin’ Sludge and SLG as one shots. Sire prog is tough to do on when you only raid once a week and have busy lives the rest of the time. Proud of these tendies as they continue their AOTC streak :). They’re now the only team that really gets to relax and have some fun until 9.1 hits. Enjoy it guys and gals!

Expansion Commentary from Chubbs


Community Events

Rally Achievement hunters got their first taste of SL raid achievements in the quest for Glory of the Nathria Raider. The achievements went very smoothly overall, shenanigans were had, and everyone got to show off their Rampart Screecher mounts on the stairs to the castle by the end of the night 🙂 Thanks to everyone for coming out!

Rally gets Glory of the Nathria Raider