This Month In Rally – March 2021

Raid Progression


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Blue for Bleft (BFB) 

BFB continues to chug along in progression. The team came into the month facing off against Sludgefist and managed to snag that kill using 2 MW healers (a WF based on public logs at the time). They had to bear down to overcome sporadic roster issues and are now 130+ pulls into M SLG prog. The team welcomed several new faces and geared up Middlebread despite several team members being predispositioned against carbs. Shout out to Manet’s VDH Shishroot who stepped in to Sludge while the bread was in the oven. SLG prog continues phase by phase now that the roster has settled into a more final form. Expecting big news on that front in April :). The team is currently extending the lockout to finish out the tier.

BFB M Sludgefist Kill Video 

BFB M Sludge

Watch the Feet (WTF) 

WTF soldiered on through the tier and made the decision to prioritize reclears to fill in gear gaps and keep things fresh. Nate and Ice were welcomed to the team as the Council prog continued through the month and finally culminated in a Council kill that was definitely and totally in March, yes. If you were looking to join up with a fan of Wu-Tang Clan, the Saga Continues, look no further than WTF’s own Reti. It’s been said he ain’t nothin’ to fuck with. During moments of brilliance, the team also began to consider charismatic Raid names for next tier. As we all know, picking the best raid team name is critical to success. Best Wishes to the team on Sludge prog! Expecting big things from these guys and gals.

WTF M Council

Potato Trading Co (PTC) 

This team is a lot better at killing bosses than they are at taking screenshots after killing those bosses (1 for 2 ayyy). Once again, the team proves that you can be successful on a one night schedule by securing Mythic Artificer and Sun-King kills. They’ll be setting their sights on Darkvein next and should be snagging that kill and getting into the meaty portion of this raid (Council+) soon. As always, this team has a lot of fun during raid as seen by the Twitch clips below. Should be a big month ahead for PTC!

The Kaz-Ari Feedback Loop
The Real Ghostbusters
Sharing is Caring

PTC M Sun King

Tuesday Night Tendies (TNT) 

TNT continues to work through a tough heroic tier. Blizz really stepped up their game in Heroic Castle Nathria but that’s not slowing these guys down at all. After killing Sludgefist and SLG this month, the team is itching for a Sire kill. So far, the prog has been steady (Phase 2 at 53%) and lots of the team is putting in extra work to bring this thing home. 10 bosses is a lot to take care of for a one night team so they’re finding the right balance and can almost smell it. Dare I say it? AotC in April for these guys and gals? Let’s get after it!!!

Check out their team streamers:

Community Events

Rally held an Overwatch event on one odd Saturday of March! Shout out to Grak for putting together challenges for two Guild teams to tackle against randoms. After Team Beefy Chads dominated the challenge by scoring a massive 1-0 lead against randoms, the two teams decided to smash our heads together and have an absolute We don’t need to talk about how soundly Team Alpha Assassins dominated the chads with their toxic all symmetras strat? Imagine losing to randoms tho….We’ll see you for the next one!!

Guildies Gamblin’ for Braggin’ Rights.  Knight’s has been hard at work putting together Poker tables and putting the big bluffers toe to toe.  Fun has been had by all.

Overwatch Night Clips
Sneaky Rein
Jake Boop
The Phalanx
Sneaky Rein Domes Squawk