This Week In Rally: 3/2-3/9

Raid Info – 

  • BFB – Council is dead!! 7/10M!!
  • WTF –  Mythic Darkvein down, Golden Gate Bridges, and Tom Brady hypotheticals.
  • PTC – 3/10! PTC’s downed Hungering Destroyer this week and managed to get Sun King down to 45% a few times!
  • TNT- TNT Recleared the first 7 bosses with relative ease and were able to get Sludgefist down to 26% on their 4 pull!

Raid Logs: Prog Page:
Wowprogress Page: 

Weekly Guild Info – 

  • P-NSS PvP – P-NSS had some bumps on Monday night, but the team pulled out a couple of great games especially with an easy 3-0 WSG win!
  • Weekly Open Raid – Big thank you to Nov for getting it rolling, Ark for helping out on tanking and to everyone who came out! Another smooth night of chill fun. 
  • Other Highlights – Big thanks to Knights for coordinating Friday’s Poker (K)night! Naz came out winning the payout for the high-roller table. Evidently with Nov’s raid outfit on the line to the whim of whoever won the 1.5k table, managed to win the payout (jokes on her – the PTC raid team is coordinating her wardrobe regardless).