This Week In Rally: 1/24-1/30

Raid Info – 

  • BFB – BFB had an incredible week killing their prog boss Darkvein and reclearing the rest of their mythic farm (including the hated Artificer again). Council here we come!
  • PTC – PTC had an efficient reclear of M Shriekwing before investing the night into getting familiar with Sire prog for AotC, best pull of the night at 24%!
  • TNT TNT Recleared the last 3 and Shriekwing on normal and pressed into Heroic clearing all previously killed bosses and put attempts onto Xy’mox!

Raid Logs: Prog Page:
Wowprogress Page: 

Weekly Guild Info – 

  • P-NSS PvP – The RBG team had a solid night with 3W and 3L, with a super close game on our last game of the night in WSG.
  • Weekly Open Raid –  Had another smooth, 2 hour, meme-filled normal clear. Thanks to all who came out!
  • Other Highlights – We had our poker night on Saturday which was a huge blast! Huknar was our winner taking 140k gold and the gbank took the other 140k! Grats!

Guild Media – Kill pics and VoDs of latest kills, in-raid memory, and so on 

WTF killed Hungering!
BFB killed Darkvein