This Week In Rally: 1/17-1/23

Raid Info – 

  • BFB – BFB had a smooth reclear and worked on Artificer, and the very last pull of the night we got it! Lots of frustrations from mechanics but we got it done! 
  • WTF –  WTF hit Hungering this week and got some great pulls! Next week lets see the kill!!
  • PTC – 9/10H! PTC successfully downed Mythic Shriekwing and Generals this week, successfully pushing Denathrius <45% multiple times! The team’s excited to see AOTC coming up soon.
  • TNT TNT rekilled Stone Legion and Sire on normal and then moved into Heroic securing kills on Shriekwing, Huntsman, and Hungering Destroyed!

Raid Logs: Prog Page:
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Weekly Guild Info – 

  • Weekly Open Raid – First heroic run of the tier was this Wednesday! 5/10 done!