This Week In Rally: 1/10-1/16

Raid Info – 

  • BFB – BFB killed Sunking making them now 4/10M! They then started their prog on Artificer
  • WTF –  The team completed a speedy reclear of 10/10 Heroic + M Shriek on Tuesday, clearing the way to kill M Huntsman and put prog time on M Hungering. 2/10 Mythic, yo!
  • PTC – PTC has a smooth reclear, killed Sludgefist, and then started generals prog. 8/10H!
  • TNT TNT was able to secure their full clear of Normal Castle Nathria!

Raid Logs: Prog Page:
Wowprogress Page: 

Weekly Guild Info – 

  • Weekly Open Raid – This week we opened up normal to alts and had a blast one shotting every boss!
  • Other Highlights – We had a guild lottery this week and Raph was the winner! Grats on the fat stacks!