This Week In Rally: 1/3-1/9

Raid Info – 

  • BFB – BFB killed Hungering this week and started working on Sun King! 3/10M!
  • WTF – Oh yeah! AotC this week! Also recleared Mythic Shriek, so the team is sitting at 10/10 H, 1/10 M πŸ™‚
  • PTC – 7/10! PTC had a great night of one-shot reclears, downing Council prog after only two pulls and almost downing Sludgefist on the same night!
  • TNT TNT was able to reclear the first 7 bosses and were able to secure their first kill on Sludgefist!

Raid Logs: Prog Page:
Wowprogress Page: 

Weekly Guild Info – 

  • P-NSS PvP – The RBG team had a great night kickin’ butt and taking names! Despite our shared distaste for Seething Shore, we pulled through a solid victory in the bg and welcomed some fill-in members on the team this week to share in the fun!
  • Weekly Open Raid – Excellent start to the new open raids with a full normal clear! There was much penile twisting. Big thanks to everyone that came out.
  • Other Highlights – Our first Achievement run of 2021 was kicked off with a great push for the Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider! Thanks to the guildies that came out for a fun night πŸ™‚