This Week In Rally: 10/18-10/25

Raid Info – 

  • HH – Hoagies took the week off!
  • M&M – The team re-cleared some mythic bosses with special guest healer Ellsii!!
  • IASIN – IASIN smashed through the first 5 bosses and had a couple pulls on Raden when they called it a night. Lots of new and returning faces!
  • QD Queen’s Decwee had a fun night clearing Heroic with some hiccups but all around a great and fun night!

Raid Logs: Prog Page:
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Weekly Guild Info – 

  • Wreck It Ralph PvP – zooooooom kill da horde
  • Weekly Open Raid – Heroic run was smooth and fun as we wait for SL
  • Other Highlights – This week we had an incredible Scavenger Hunt. Filled with riddles, puzzles, and codes to break, guildies had to solve their clues, take screenshots of their locations and move on to the next. Jake and Krysis took first place, close on their tail was Kel and Kitt working together and then Allie! Huge turn out and lots of fun!

Guild Media

Kitt and Kel at the mushroom circle
Finding the kittens in the Court of Stars