This Week In Rally: 10/4-10/10

End of Week Progression Snapshot

Raid Info – 

  • HH – Hoagie’s killed Nzoth one last time before prepatch next week!
  • M&M – Team faced some struggles in this last week before pre-patch, but are looking forward to Shadowlands now!!
  • IASIN – Had a casual Mythic reclear before Pre-patch! The team got up to Ra-Den as a great first go with the new rostered members.
  • QD Queen’s Decwee had a fun mog run night!

Raid Logs: Prog Page:
Wowprogress Page: 

Weekly Guild Info – 

  • Wreck It Ralph PvP – Lots of fun to be had and some great pictures
  • Weekly Open Raid – One last heroic before prepatch!
  • Other Highlights – Canadian Thanksgiving was this weekend! Hope everyone had a great time and stayed safe!

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