This Week In Rally: 9/27-10/03

Raid Info – 

  • HH – Hoagie’s had a week off this week, prepatch next week PLS
  • M&M – This week the team got their third re-kill of M N’Zoth!
  • IASIN – Took a much needed week off after their success with Carapace last week!
  • QD Queen’s Decwee had the week off!

Raid Logs: Prog Page:
Wowprogress Page: 

Weekly Guild Info – 

  • Wreck It Ralph PvP – killin things
  • Weekly Open Raid – Weekly Raid saw a couple new faces this week which is always nice. A smooth, quick run and our last before the pre-patch!
  • Other Highlights – HAPPY RALLY ANNIVERSARY! This week we had our 4th year anniversary. To celebrate we had anniversary Rally T-shirts available, we had our truth or dare rally rabble week, and a special Rally BFA memory post. Truth or dare was a huge success with lots of fun to be had! We also had our next cooking challenge kick off. This challenge is Halloween themed, excited to see the creativity! We also posted our top 4 banners on the site! Busy busy!
Rally Anniversary Tshirt
Rally Banners