This Week In Rally: 9/20-9/26

Raid Info – 

  • HH – Hoagie’s slammed through a quick Nzoth kill!
  • M&M – The team took the week off for some well-deserved R-n-R after having a clean N’Zoth re-kill last week. Back at it next week!!
  • IASIN – IASIN KILLS MYTHIC CARAPACE!! 11/12M!! What a great and productive tier for our 1d/w team!
  • QD – Chill night!

Raid Logs: Prog Page:
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Weekly Guild Info – 

  • Wreck It Ralph PvP – pvpvpvpvp
  • Weekly Open Raid – It’s WEDNESDAY MY DUUUDES, great heroic run!
  • Other Highlights – This week our official Shadowland rosters were sent out HYPPPE! We also had a bit of a change in decoration in discord with everyone having their colour changed. It looks so fresh and fun, excited for the new expansion! Sunday night is Rocket League Night! Lots of fun to be had!!

Guild Media –

Rocket League Night!