This Week in Rally 9/06-9/12

Progression Snap

Raid Info – 

  • HH – Hoagie’s smashed through a reclear and 1 shot Nzoth on Thursday while introducing some new trials! Lets do it again next week!
  • M&M – The team took the week to re-clear mythic bosses, ending up at Carapace.  Next week, back to N’Zoth!!
  • IASIN – IASIN hit Carapace again and got it to 14%!! Lets go team!
  • QD – QD had transmog run

Raid Logs: Prog Page:
Wowprogress Page: 

Weekly Guild Info – 

  • Wreck It Ralph PvP – Pvppppppppppppp
  • Weekly Open Raid – HEROOIICC tonight, Osmer stepped in to RL!
  • Other Highlights – This weekend we went and smashed the horde leaders! We also finished up voting for our latest cooking challenge! Look out for another post on that!

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