• This Week In Rally: 5/3-5/9 - Raid Info – HUUGE raid prog this week with both MM and IASIN getting their prog boss down this week (Vex and Hivemind)! Lets keep this push going! HH – Hoagies hit Nzoth this week and saw some good prog in first phase cleaning up to 2nd psychus and almost killing him! M&M – The team […]
  • This Week In Rally: 4/26-5/2 - Raid Info – Raid teams maintaining a steady pace as we hit that spring fever! HH – Hoagies killed Carapace! We had some amazing progress this week and it paid off! Had some meme pulls on Nzoth but we’ll come in next week and have some more fun! Gotta lock in this last boss. M&M […]
  • This Week In Rally: 4/12-4/18 - Raid Info – Busy week all around.  Couple new mythic bosses went down and more are on the horizon. HH – Hoagies got Mythic Ilg down this week! Next week we’re pulling the trigger to extend and taking a look at Carapace!  M&M – Mythic Xanesh is dead! After a swift re-clear of the first […]
  • This Week In Rally: 4/5-4/11 - Raid Info – All teams inching forward towards new kills.  Exciting times!!! HH – Tuesday was a very fast re-clear including our most recent progression boss Dres. Thursday was a full night of progression on Ilg and almost had him down, will hopefully have a chance to kill him next week and move on to […]
  • This Week In Rally: 3/29-4/4 - Raid Info – What a Great Week!!! All teams earned a progression kill this week! HH – Hoagie’s had a clean reclear and an easy rekill on Raden on Tuesday. Dres’tagath gave us a bit of a hard time but we eventually downed it Thursday night! Hopefully next week we will see Mythic Ilg and […]
  • This Week In Rally: 3/22-3/28 - Raid Info – Overall a steady week for all raids as each is progressing on more difficult bosses. HH – Hoagie’s had an incredible Tuesday, killing Raden on the second pull of the night and clearing all farm bosses!! Thursday was a bit tougher, hit a new boss and was getting used to it, but […]
  • This Week In Rally: 3/15-3/21 - End of Week Progression Snapshot Raid Info – Quiet week as far as new kills go as all teams put in work on steady prog. Special shout out to QD for getting the only prog kill of the week on heroic Drest! 🙂 HH – Hoagie’s played soccer like they were Canadians trying to compete […]
  • This Week in Rally: 3/8-3/14 - Raid Info – Big prog by all teams this week!  Exciting week as we approach (what we hope) the mid-tier of this raid. HH – Stumbled through reclear trash in Mythic only to achieve efficient rekills on every boss and get a full day of prog on M Raden on Thursday.  They were able to […]